Your Wedding with Creative Touch

At Creative Touch, we strive to make your entire wedding photography experience one which you will enjoy and remember. From your first consultation in our studio to savoring each page of your finished wedding album, we want you, your family, and friends to have both images and an experience which you will always treasure.

Creating these lasting images is done by finding out what you and and what you are looking for in your wedding photography. To that end, we offer a free, no-obligation wedding consultation in which we will discuss your ideas, your plans, and your likes and dislikes in order to help find the best possible fit for you unique wedding day.

As photographers in an industry that is continually evolving, we seek to use our technical expertise to express the moments of your wedding day with photographic styles that reflect both the formality of the occasion as well as its emotion. Weddings are often our best opportunity to capture a photograph of close family and relatives which will be passed from generation to generation. We recognize the importance of these images and and want to carefully record this important part of your day.

There are also many small details of a wedding day that are all too often soon forgotten: the bride's beautiful gown selected after countless hours of deliberation, the table decorations meticulously chosen and arranged to complement your wedding story, glances between the bride and groom which last only a moment. We want to freeze these moments in time, moments that might be missed in all the celebration and joy. We want to tell the whole story of your wedding through the power of our images.